One Click Chart Trading

One-Click Chart Trading

Auction Dashboard™ supports fast on-chart order entry with single mouse clicks. We call it One-Click Chart Trading. This feature is only available when NinjaTrader's® Chart Trader is enabled. (Notice: NinjaTrader's® demo mode will enable the Chart Trader; but paid licenses must specifically have the Chart Trader option: that is purchased separately from NinjaTrader®.)

Notice: By using One-Click Chart Trading in Auction Dashboard™, you agree to hold Auction Dashboard™, and any and all of its owners and assigns not liable for any loss incurred through its use; even through program errors, bugs, or software crashes. We do provide the feature in the hope that it will be useful to you; but you must be advised that we provide no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the feature is with you.

We do use One-Click Chart Trading ourselves for live trading. Please become comfortable with the settings and trade entry; and utilize the advantage provided to its best effect for you.


Trades are entered by single clicks on the Inside Auction's inside four columns. Clicks on either left column, with the bid price, enter long trades. Clicks on either right column, with the offer price, enter short trades.

A click on any price in the green outline will enter a Long trade. A click in the red outline enters a Short trade … Even if your click lands on a button or another component.

Order entry is enabled when the left mouse button is clicked, while corresponding modifier keys are held down. The modifier key settings are made in the Settings window. Each type of order: Limit, Stop, and Stop Limit, has specific, and separate, modifier keys to activate the order entry.

For example:

Alt-Click — open a Limit order
Alt-Shift-Click — open a Stop order
Alt-Shift-Control-Click — open a Stop Limit order

Click on the left for a buy. Click on the right for a sell.

The picture outlines the active click area for trade entry. Again, clicks on the bid-side columns enter long orders; and clicks on the offer-side columns enter short trades.

The trade will only enter when the corresponding modifier keys are held down: a Limit order can only be entered by a click with the Limit order modifiers. This prevents accidental trade entry if the price moves quickly while you are clicking.

Please practice entering trades in simulation or replay mode to become comfortable with the gestures.

The default modifiers are:

Alt Limit orders
Alt-Shift Stop orders
Alt-Shift-Control Stop Limit orders

Again, for example:
to enter a long Limit order: hold the Alt key, and click in the green outlined area on your entry price (which for the limit order must be at or below the last price).

To enter a short Stop order: hold the Alt and Shift keys, and click in the red outlined area on your entry price (which for the Stop order must be at or below the last price).

Your trades are entered in exactly the same way as if by right-clicking on the chart and choosing one of the Chart Trader order entry items.

All settings — account selection, quantity, ATM strategy, OCO, simulated order, and all other settings — are made in the normal way on the Chart Trader panel. Open orders are also managed with the Chart Trader in the normal way; including ATM strategy selections. Global NinjaTrader® settings, such as order confirmation will apply in the same way as well. One Click Chart Trading only enters the order: all other settings are dictated by the Chart Trader and NinjaTrader®.

Limit orders must be clicked at a better price than the last price; and vice-versa for stop orders — simply the same requirements as any Chart Trader trade.

What If My Click Lands On A Button; Or If I Fumble The Keys Or The Click?

Your trade will go in as long as the correct modifiers are held for the clicked price: buy or sell.

The Inside Auction fixes the chart in place while your mouse is hovered over; anywhere in the active, outlined areas. This prevents the chart price scale from shifting under your mouse as you are about to enter an order. — You will not wind up clicking the wrong price.

The order entry is activated when the chart receives a left-click while one of the assigned modifier key combinations is held down. So your trade will go in if the click is within the active area, and the correct modifiers are held down; but only the one type of trade will go in.

This means that if the price quickly ticks up or down, you will not enter the wrong type of trade: a limit order will only go in with the limit order keys held down, and if the clicked price is at or better than the last price — and you will not enter a stop order. The reverse is true for a stop order: if you hold the stop order keys, your trade will only activate if you have clicked at a worse price than the last: you will not enter a limit order. And the same holds for buys and sells: if you click on the bid side, you can not enter a short trade. If the clicked price is not valid, you will hear a beep, and no trade will open.

In addition, the active area for One-Click Chart Trading is as outlined in the picture: at any price from the top to the bottom of the chart.

Lastly, One Click Chart Trading takes precedence over other clicks: if your click does land on a button, or a meter, or some other part of the Inside Auction, the trade will be activated if the modifiers are held down, and the clicked price is valid for the selected trade.