Auction Visualizer™

The Auction Visualizer™ is collectively what we term the right side of the Dashboard: the Inside Auction and Level-2.

Inside Auction and Level-II Documentation

Specific information on the Inside Auction and Level-II are located on individual pages in the User Guide:


Many settings are available in the Pop-Up buttons on the chart for quick access. Other settings are found in the main menu: Auction Visualizer™ Display and Behavior.

Refresh Rate

Auction Dashboard™ uses its own window refreshing to update the display in the Auction Visualizer™. We do this so that you are able to control how much activity you want to try to see on the Level-2 and the Bid and Offer. Updates to the depth come in much more rapidly than trades do.

Do not adjust NinjaTrader's® own chart Refresh Rate (found in the chart Properties). In fact Auction Dashboard™ overrides that setting to achieve better performance; and you should use the setting here to increase (or decrease) the refresh rate as desired.

Notice that setting a fast refresh rate — lower values — requires more computer resources. Display drivers are the weaker point in computer performance (hence more expensive video cards, and systems with multiple cards). The performance that you are able to achieve will only be limited by the capabilities of your system. Notice in particular that many charts running with fast refresh settings will consume more resources. (We test on very modest hardware, with many Auction Dashboard™ charts running, and are able to work with refresh rates near 250 milliseconds and maintain stable system performance. Your results also vary based on many other factors on your particular machine including the operating system, installed general software, and other trading tools.) Simply use faster settings on charts where it is more important to you, and more modest settings on other charts to conserve system resources.

The refresh rate will not apply when the Auction Visualizer™ is hidden; and Auction Dashboard™ will automatically conserve resources appropriately.

Event Linger Time

This setting controls how the event highlighting appears on the inside auction and level-2. Highlights appear when depth changes, trades print, etc. The highlight "lingers" on the display for the time set here. Increase or decrease the length if you want to tune the feedback.

Notice that a few other settings allow you to control their own behavior based on this linger time (such as the trade accumulation on the inside auction).

Replay Settings

This setting is provided to accommodate fast playback in Replay. When selected, Auction Dashboard™ adjusts the Event Linger Time (and possibly other related realtime-based settings) to match the playback speed. This simply ensures that highlighting lingers as you would expect, to match the fast playback speed.